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Rural Hotel Porto - Surroundings
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The hotel is located in the municipality of Porto, which has a surface area of approximately 200 sq km and an altitude of 1,210 m. It is part of Sanabria nature reserve.



The village is very special, and the fact that it is remote means that in many aspects, it is still anchored to the past. The most important livelihood is breeding local cattle. The villagers make the most of all the natural resources at their disposal to create carts drawn by cows, ploughs, looms, wicker baskets and forged objects, among others. The village still conserves its millenary flora of oaks, chestnuts trees, etc. and relies on its crops and cattle breeding activities, surrounded by wolves, deer and wild boars, in addition to foxes, badgers, wildcats, otters and stone martens.


The following places are less than 100 km away:

  • Las Médulas, in the district of El Bierzo ( León). This area has a gold mine dating from Roman times that unfortunately spoiled the natural habitat but also gave rise to a spectacular, impressive landscape of reddish sand that blends into the vegetation. This site was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1997.
  • Sanabria Lake. The largest glacial lake in the Iberian Peninsula (368.5 hectares). In some places the water reaches depths of more than 50 metres . Things to do? There are 2 small beaches, pedal boats, canoes, fishing, trekking, etc.
  • Braganza,(21,468 inhabitants) or Chaves (44,186 inhabitants). Things to do? Shopping, visiting monuments and trying the local cuisine.
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You can take part in excursions of different lengths and with differing levels of difficulty.
You can also practice cross-country skiing in the mountainous areas.
We provide free GPS.

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26 de Mayo: Feria.
13 de Junio: San Antonio.
26 de Junio: Feria.
15-16 de Agosto: San Vicente.
26 de Agosto: Feria Mayor.
26 de Septiembre: Feria.

Disfruta de las especialidades regionales: caza, pesca, setas. Todo el sabor de la cocina tradicional del norte de Zamora.

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