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Rural Hotel Porto - Location
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We are on the road of Benavente to Rias Bajas. If coming from Madrid, ascend the passes of la Anda and Padornelo after passing Puebla de Sanabria and in Galicia (just 5 km away), take the road leading to Porto through Pias.
After ascending the valley, you will come to the village. It is a magical area, and only a short distance from Sanabria Lake and the highest peaks of the range (Peña Tevinca 2,200 metres). How ever, if you want to drive to the lake, the route is much longer, as there is no road.


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You can take part in excursions of different lengths and with differing levels of difficulty.
You can also practice cross-country skiing in the mountainous areas.
We provide free GPS.

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26 de Mayo: Feria.
13 de Junio: San Antonio.
26 de Junio: Feria.
15-16 de Agosto: San Vicente.
26 de Agosto: Feria Mayor.
26 de Septiembre: Feria.

Disfruta de las especialidades regionales: caza, pesca, setas. Todo el sabor de la cocina tradicional del norte de Zamora.

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